Tsubaki Mk-III
Tsubaki III
Concept art for the Tsubaki Mk-III.
Manufacturer Naomi's Lab
Model Tsubaki Mk-III (completed)
Type Beam katana
Creators Dr. Naomi
Owners Travis Touchdown
Cost Varies (see Naomi's Lab)

The Tsubaki Mk-III (椿Mk-Ⅲ) is a weapon in No More Heroes and No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. In Desperate Struggle, the Tsubaki Mk-III, properly translated as Camellia Mk. III, is the first model of beam katana you can buy from Dr. Naomi, keeping the same design as the original. It does not have the same power as it did in No More Heroes 1, but it is still quite fast.

The Mk-III is the completed Tsubaki beam katana model. Its design is based on that of the D.O.S., the beam katana used by Thunder Ryu, which is passed onto his student Travis Touchdown following his death. Unlike its predecessors, the Tsubaki Mk-III does not feature an extractable frame and is one of the only recognized beam katanas to emit properly without a receiver, another being the Cross Sword. An elaborate design of the kanji used to represent "Tiger" (tora) is used as the cross-guard of the Mk-III's hilt. Being the third make in the Tsubaki line, the beam katana's hilt is marked by three red rings. While not as powerful as the Tsubaki Mk-II, the Mk-III model is the only recognized beam katana which, with the proper motherboard attachment, operates at maximum energy efficiency and does not ever need to have its batteries recharged. Once designed, Dr. Naomi sells the Tsubaki Mk-III for LB$498,000 (No More Heroes)/LB$50,000 (No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle).

Trading cardsEdit

The Tsubaki Mk-III appears on two trading cards in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes. These are "TSUBAKI Mk-III" and "Beam Katana Accelerator".

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