Skelter Helter
Real name Vincent
Nationality American
Relatives Helter Skelter (Old Brother)
Affiliations United Assassins Association (Ranked 51th)
Weapon Beam Katana and Ballistic Gun
First appearance No More Heroes
Battle theme Sling Shot
Voice actor Matthew Mercer

Skelter Helter is the younger brother of Helter Skelter in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Skelter became an Assassin to avenge his brother who Travis Touchdown killed prior to the events of No More Heroes. Skelter is rank #51 and battles Travis in the same place where Travis battled Helter in the trailer for No More Heroes. Skelter fights with a green beam katana, larger than Travis' and a ballistic gun.

When the battle ends, Travis decapitates Skelter in a similar way to that of his brother, only to have it land back perfectly on his body, although this does not kill him, he tells Travis that Bishop is about to be killed in the next few seconds in such a way that Travis is unaware of what Skelter means. His last words are "This is the ultimate vengeance!" at this point he removes his own head committing suicide, with a smile on his face.


  • The No More Heroes Erotica Comic included with No More Heroes 2: Hopper Edition, explains Skelter-Helter was a scholar attending a university, of which his older brother was paying for with his assassin money. When Skelter-Helter found out his brother was killed by Travis, Sylvia seduced him into becoming an assassin for revenge.
  • He is one of the two assassins to speak after being decapitated, the other is Million Gunman.
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