Nationality Japanese
Affiliations United Assassins Association (Ranked 7th)
Weapon A modified Horse Saber in the shape of a naginata
First appearance No More Heroes 2
Battle theme Subuta. 2
Voice actor Robert Wu

Ryuji is the 7th ranked assassin No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

He is known as Travis' "Brother" in battle because he has a katana similar to Travis', a motorcycle and knows martial arts, all of which resemble Travis. Despite all the similarities, Ryuji very rarely speaks, unlike Travis who tends to always speak his mind. He has the power to summon an energy dragon much like Dark Star from No More Heroes.

Both of them were equally matched and Travis decides to spare Ryuji, however, Silvia shoots Ryuji just because of the rules and if he lived he would become stronger and kill Travis. When Silvia shoots him, Travis then acknowledges him as being a true warrior, not deserving to be "gunned down like a thug".


  • In many eastern mythologies, tigers and dragons are considered natural enemies and are often depicted battling each other in artworks. Hence the battle between Travis (whose Japanese name, reserved wrestling move, and Dark side represents the tiger) and Ryuji (whose name, bike, and abilities represent the dragon) is a very symbolic one. This also explains Travis's desire for honor.
  • Ryuji's battle theme "Subuta.2" is the same battle theme used during the battle with Matt Helms.
  • The moment Silvia kills Ryuji marks the only time she has ever stepped in to finish off an assassin who Travis spared.
  • The kanji in Ryuji's name literally means "dragon controller".
  • Ryuji's weapon is based on the naginata, a type of polearm used by samurai. However, the length of the blade suggests that it might be a nagimaki.
  • Ryuji is a bōsōzoku, part of a Japanese biker gang. He wears the stereotypical dress for them- long white coat, bandana, bandage wrap around his lower torso. His bike also has the classic biker look of having been customized to the point of impracticality.
No More Heroes 2
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