Rose Nasty
Travis Touchdown 2
Travis Touchdown welding the Rose Nasty.
Manufacturer Unknown
Type Beam katana
Creators Unknown
Owners Travis Touchdown, Bishop Shidux (previous owner)
Cost Unknown

The Rose Nasty are a pair of beam katanas granted to Touchdown by Bishop Shidux's will, after his death. Curiously, in the first game Shidux sometimes tells Touchdown, "By the way, that thing you wanted hasn't come in yet," although the connection goes unverified. Visiting Shidux's gravesite, Shinobu is met by a mysterious man who claims to have known Shidux through a correspondence of letters, and relays her the Rose Nasty, to be delivered to Touchdown as Shidux's final wish. The Rose Nasty are receiverless beam katanas with curved, red blades and differing hilts with handguards. Furthermore, the off-hand beam katana has a slightly shorter blade than its counterpart making the set similar to traditional daisho. Both blades are swung, allowing versatility and a good damage radius. While the Rose Nasty is slightly faster than the Tsubaki Mk-III, it lacks its stopping power and its damage output is heavily reliant on Slash Combos and Slashing Stances. Though most of Travis' katanas have been custom-built for his exclusive use, it seems the design of the Rose Nasty was built especially with Travis in mind, as their overall appearance clearly ephasaizes his connection to the color red.

As seen in many of the original trailers for the game, Travis would've had access to the Rose Nasty from very early on as an innovation to gameplay in the form of dual beam katanas. Another thing revealed during early production from trailers was that the blades of the Rose Nasty would be thin and straight in similarity to the blade of the Peony.


  • This is the only Weapon (other than his default) that he doesn't have to buy from Dr. Naomi.
  • This weapon has been known to be helpful in Deathmatch mode, as it refills its battery rather quickly, and it can go a while without being recharged. This can also be helpful on the Bitter difficuty.
  • How Bishop ever got ahold of this weapon or how long he's had it is unknown. He could have bought it from Naomi, and had kept it in his will, aware his friendship with Travis would lead to his death (although the last bit might be a bit of a long shot.)
  • This is the only weapon that MUST be unlocked to complete the games storyline. It's never required to be used in-game, however.
  • This is the only Dual-Katanas that Travis ever gets to use.
  • This is the only gift Travis recives in the series.
  • It's unknown if Naomi made this weapon.

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