Mask of the Legendary Wrestler is the name given to the original core set of cards obtainable during the first playthrough of No More Heroes. Each card represents the same thing – the mask of a popular, "legendary" lucha libre wrestler.

After returning to the motel following a successful ranking match, for each trading card collected at the previous venue a lucha libre mask appears in the living room, toilet and bedroom.

Set sizeEdit

  • Mask of the Legendary Wrestler contains fifty cards.

Card listEdit

Card no. Name Location
01 "EL EXTREMO" Townsend Residence
02 "LA GUERRA JR." Townsend Residence
03 "LA VERDAD" Townsend Residence
04 "TRES ESTRELLA" Townsend Residence
05 "SUPER FUERZA" Townsend Residence
06 "ULTIMO VUELO" Destroy Stadium
07 "LA CRUZ" Destroy Stadium
08 "LA CRUZ JR." Destroy Stadium
09 "LA OSCURIDAD" Destroy Stadium
10 "EL BOSQUE" Destroy Stadium
11 "EL SALVAJE" Santa Destroy High School
12 "SAMURAI GATO" Santa Destroy High School
13 "LA MARIPOSA" Santa Destroy High School
14 "ULTIMATENESS" Santa Destroy High School
15 "VENGANZA" Santa Destroy High School
16 "EL COLMILLO" Bear Hug Film Studio
17 "CABALLERO 1" Bear Hug Film Studio
18 "CABALLERO 2" Bear Hug Film Studio
19 "AS CASCO" Bear Hug Film Studio
20 "LA PLATA" Bear Hug Film Studio
21 "SALTAMONTES" Body Slam Beach
22 "VICTORIA ROJO" Body Slam Beach
23 "VICTORIA AZUL" Body Slam Beach
24 "TERREMOTO" Body Slam Beach
25 "EL FUEGO" Body Slam Beach
26 "MUERTE 00" Senton Splash Tunnel
27 "MUERTE 99" Senton Splash Tunnel
28 "EL MARINO" Senton Splash Tunnel
29 "EL MARINO JR." Senton Splash Tunnel
30 "X CUERNO" Senton Splash Tunnel
31 "LUZ DE LA LUNA" Bow and Arrow Station
32 "EL INFIERNO" Bow and Arrow Station
33 "EL FANTASMA" Bow and Arrow Station
34 "LMR. SUMO" Bow and Arrow Station
35 "EL CONEJO" Bow and Arrow Station
36 "A.M.O" Speed City
37 "EL AGUA" Speed City
38 "LA SANGRE" Speed City
39 "EL JEFE" Speed City
40 "EL TRUENO" Speed City
41 "EL BUSTO" Stadium Basement
42 "LA TIERRA" Stadium Basement
43 "LA FLOR" Stadium Basement
44 "EL SOL" Stadium Basement
45 "LA LLUVIA" Stadium Basement
46 "SUPER BATALLAS" Santa Destroy Junction
47 "LA REINA" Forest of Bewilderment
48 "EL REY" Forest of Bewilderment
49 "SANGRE TIGRE" Forest of Bewilderment
50 "LOCO TIGRE" Forest of Bewilderment