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Mask de Uh
Affiliations Area51 (manager)
First appearance No More Heroes
Voice actor Mask de Uh

Takeshi Uechi, generally referred to by pseudonym 'Mask de Uh', is the T-Shirt designer for the 2007 video game No More Heroes, and cameos as the manager of the local fashion outpost, Area51Uechi is also a writer for the popular japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, His main point of expertise being western gaming.[1] In addition to managing the blog Diary of a Mad Gamer [2], he co-wrote the book Airport 51 along with Suda51, as well as a series of Famitsu editorials of the same name. [3] The name is a reference to a character from another Suda51 game, Mask de Smith, from Killer 7.



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