Margaret weapon

Le Croissant du Angel

Le Croissant du Angel or "the crescent of the angel" are a powerful pair of modified rifles that can be used as scythes wielded by the 4th ranked assassin, Margaret Moonlight, in No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. Le croissant du angel are modified Barrett M82 rifles without scopes. They have been modified to be used also as scythes with tungsten alloy scythe blades growing out of the buttstock, and elegantly designed, angel-wing themed handle grips at the barrel and muzzle. She holds each rifle under her arms when firing, causing her to spin from the recoil, and when she uses them as scythes, she holds the grips on the barrels of the guns and uses strong slashes to send her enemies flying.

She uses 12.7 x 99 mm hollow-point bullets in her rifles for maximum damage.Margaret has abilities similar to a ghost in that she can teleport by slowly fading and reappearing somewhere else. She may be also able to defy gravity for a short period of time since she is seen to float for a certain amount of time during the battle.When Margaret wins in a clashing battle, she will launch Travis up in the air with her scythes. She then changes into her gun mode and shoots Travis for a few times before letting him fall.Aside from her gun mode, all of her melee moves covers a wide radius. While Margaret does fairly damaging attacks with her melee moves, her real strength actually lies in her gun mode.

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