The introduction of No More Heroes is the first major cinematic event in the game. In it, Travis Touchdown provides a recollection of the night before, how he met United Assassins Association agent Silvia Christel, took on the eleventh ranked assassin Helter-Skelter, and how he made his decision to become the first-ranked assassin in the UAA. Throughout the introduction a number of segments from several other cinematic s within the game, as well as its original trailer are featured, and teasers of the ranked assassins Death Metal, Dr. Peace, Shinobu, Destroyman, Holly Summers, Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii, Speed Buster and Bad Girl are also shown. The introduction is also the first cinematic in the game to break the fourth wall, evidenced by Travis' statement, "And for you there holding the Wii Remote right now... Just press the A Button. Let the bloodshed begin."


I know a lot of gamers out there don't have much patience. Least that's what Bishop, the dude at the video store said. So I'm at the register, then I realize I got no money. I was seriously broke. Why? Cuz I met this smokin' hot chick last night at the Death-Match bar. Man, she smelled good! So being the gentleman I am, I bought her a drink. Anyhoo, I decide to get a job. The gig: assassinate the Drifter. So I went where I was supposed to and waited for the guy to show up. And there he was. This cat. Well dressed, cool. Couldn't tell if he was "the shit"...or just plain ol' shit. Yeah, so he's stylin', fast, aggressive and packin' heat. Bada Bing! Or at least it was supposed to be... Til she showed up. Her name: Silvia Christel. An agent with this whatchamacallit Association.
Travis Touchdown
Congratulations. You are certified as the 11th-best hit man. How about getting rid of the ten killers above you and aim for the top?
Silvia Christel
I wanna be number one. How's that? Short and simple enough for you? It's gonna be a long, hard road. But who knows? Could kick ass... Could be dangerous. Could totally suck. Whaddaya say, bro? Join me. Let's see how far we can take this. And for you there holding the Wii Remote right now... Just press the A Button. Let the bloodshed begin.
— Travis Touchdown

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