The Forest of Bewilderment is one of the final areas visited by Travis Touchdown in the course of No More Heroes, just prior to his 1st ranking battle with Dark Star.  It is an almost surreal, impossibly dark forest, devoid of any light or local fauna, on the fringe of Santa Destroy. The trees are stained grey and the leaves black, suggesting very little life has existed there for a considerable amount of time. The Forest is so named because failure to proceed down the correct path at any junction in the forest will lead Travis to the first area of the forest, forcing him to retrace his steps over again from the beginning.


After eluding armed minions in a motorcycle chase along a highway and then a forest road, and jumping a rising suspension bridge with his motorcycle, the Schpeltiger, Travis crashes on the fringes of this foreboding wood, rendering the Schpeltiger useless and forcing him to go forward on foot. (The Schpeltiger is later seen in the True Ending, suggesting this crash was insufficient to destroy or total the motorcycle.)  

Guided by the spirit of his deceased master, Thunder Ryu, Travis is shown the correct turns to take at each part of the forest, leading him out of the forest after several areas occupied by the strongest and most enduring non-boss enemies in the game. Oddly enough, the Forest turns out to be located on the edge of a desert stretching before a castle (presumably Dark Stars'), where the first and final confrontation between them takes place.


  • The Forest of Bewilderment is most likely based off of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back's planet Dagobah or it's based on a foggy forest in the real world.

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