Energy Saving Parts are specific motherboards used in the construction of a beam katana. Adding a motherboard to the beam katana itself increases its energy efficiency, resulting in longer duration of use without recharging the blade, and a more powerful beam katana altogether. The most efficient Energy Saving Parts are ones designed to fit into a beam katana's motherboard, which cause the blade to always be in a state of maximum capacity, never having to be recharged again unless shorted out. Energy Saving Parts are designed by Saber Saving System.

Energy Saving Parts for the Tsubaki series of beam katanas are easily identifiable by the amount of rings on the base of the motherboard, one ring corresponding to the Tsubaki, two rings corresponding to the Tsubaki Mk-II and three rings corresponding to the Tsubaki Mk-III. It is uncertain how motherboards for other beam katana models are identifiable, or if there even is such a way.

In the Trading Card GameEdit

There is one trading card featuring the Energy Saving Parts in the Design Materials set, "Beam Katana Energy Saving Parts".