Dr. Shake
Nationality Unknown
Affiliations United Assassins Association (Ranked 5th)
Ranking match Unknown
Weapon Unknown
First appearance No More Heroes

Not much is know about Dr. Shake, however, it is possible that he is somehow a relative, mentor, or friend to Letz Shake, the fifth ranked assasssin in the U.A.A, because of his name relation. Dr. Shake's brain was taken from Letz Shake and was built into the Earthquake Maker, the invention and weapon Dr.Shake created, and is now a machine that listens to commands from Letz Shake. Dr shake is now able to create and shoot shockwave blasts at opponents. He was killed by Henry before Travis could attack (much to the suprise and disappointment of many players,) however, he reappears in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle as the 10th ranked assassin (a rank he jumped to by slaughtering the ranks above him in a battle royale at Destroy Stadium,) now named Dr. Letz Shake. The Earthquake Maker has been updated, but since the previous Earthquake Maker's abilities were largely unknown, it's difficult to tell just how much the new device has been improved -- it now has explosives, a laser cannon, and jumping abilities in tandem with its earthquake device. When confronted by Travis, he reveals that he has gotten revenge on Henry by encasing him in carbonite (a reference to Star Wars) and now has "desire level: 100%" for a duel with Travis. His human appearance is unknown. When he is in the Earthquake Maker, he looks similar to a missile silo except with a glass-covered brain and a transport mechanism which could be wheels. He's probably about 12 ft. in height. In the inside of the Earthquake Maker, there is several of pipes and steam coming out of machines.

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