Dr. Letz Shake
Affiliations United Assassins Association (Ranked 10th)
Ranking match Battle Royal Arena
Notable kills 10 unnamed assassins
Weapon New Earthquake Maker, laser beam
First appearance No More Heroes
Battle theme "Happy War More"
Voice actor Fred Tatasciore

Dr. Letz Shake is the 10th ranked assassin and is a returning character from No More Heroes, adding "Dr." to his name from the prequel. He was the 5th ranked assassin in the last game when he was destroyed by Henry before Travis could fight him. After being defeated, Letz Shake's brain was placed inside an upgraded form of his Earthquake Maker, giving him total control over it. This seems to have impaired his speech, however, causing him to dictate things which usually aren't spoken, such as ending his questions with "Question mark" and declaring "Surprised gasp" upon seeing Travis instead of simply gasping in shock.

In Desperate Struggle, Dr. Letz Shake participates in a battle royale with 11 other assassins for the rank of 10. Travis arrives in the arena just in time to see Dr. Shake pulverizing the other ten combatants with ease. Upon seeing his old opponent, he expresses his illogical desire to defeat Travis, revealing that he has already defeated Henry and attached his petrified body to his metal hull.

Dr. Letz Shake can move surprisingly quickly by hovering above the ground, which he uses to put distance between himself and Travis before launching an attack. His earthquake attack is devastatingly powerful, being capable of removing half of Travis' health in a single blow (up to 75% on Bitter difficulty), and its charging time is much shorter than before. However, the exact speed of the attack is somewhat variable-ranging from ten seconds to a mere three-and can be anticipated by listening to the pitch of Shake's voice as he prepares the move (the higher he sounds, the faster he counts).

Along with this attack, he can also fire laser beams at Travis from the gap in the black metal shell near the top of his body. Occasionally, he may slam his legs on the ground without causing an earthquake, usually when Travis is below him.

He's finally defeated when Travis stabs his brain and makes him explode one more time.

Dr. Letz Shake is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


  • He is the 4th battle to not have blood.

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