Santa Destroy University is a fictional college in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. It is located in the city of Santa Destroy, California. UAA assassins Charlie Macdonald and Kimmy Howell are students of the school. The quality of education available at Destroy University is questionable, but it is most likely still abysmal. Despite this, Destroy University is elegantally designed, as it resembles a stereotypical New England private school. The Pizza Batt corporation appears to have funded the university, as a Pizza Batt kiosk can be seen on campus. The school hosts its own American football team, the Santa Death Parade, which shares its name with Charlie's mecha. Other notable features include tennis courts, weight rooms, a locker room, and a football stadium.


  • After the duel with Charlie Macdonald, parts of the Santa Death Parade can be seen littered around campus. One of the robot's arms has actually demolished a good part of the main building, preventing Travis from taking the route he used to face Charlie.
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