Design Materials is the name given to the second set of cards obtainable only during the second playthrough of No More Heroes. Each card features different types of concept art from the game, including character designs, expressions, weapons, profile cards, and art of several other things surrounding the game, including Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly.

As for uncovering these buried trading cards during the second playthrough, if the player has purchased the Accelerator from Naomi's Lab, when in the vicinity of buried treasure the Wii Remote will make a slight vibration. If the player progresses in the right direction towards the buried treasure's location, the Wii Remote will continue to make brief vibrations. If the player progresses in the wrong direction towards the buried treasure, the Wii Remote will no longer make these vibrations. As the player progresses closer to the buried treasure, the vibrations will intensify, and when the player is standing over, or extremely close to the treasure, the Wii Remote will make constant, intense vibrations. If the player has not obtained the Accelerator, this can be a difficult process of trial and error.

Set sizeEdit

  • Design Materials contains one hundred cards.

Card listEdit

Card no. Name Location
51 "Death Metal" Design Townsend Residence
52 "Death Metal" Expressions Townsend Residence
53 "Death Metal" Tattoos Townsend Residence
54 "Death Metal's Weapon" Townsend Residence
55 "Dr. Peace" Design Destroy Stadium
56 "Dr. Peace" Expressions Destroy Stadium
57 "Dr. Peace's Weapon" Destroy Stadium
58 "Shinobu" Design Santa Destroy High School
59 "Shinobu" Expressions Santa Destroy High School
60 "Shinobu's Weapon" Santa Destroy High School
61 "Shinobu's Weapon" Accessories Santa Destroy High School
62 "John Harnet" Design Bear Hug Studio (Metro station 1)
63 "John Harnet" Expressions Bear Hug Studio (Metro station 1)
64 "Destroyman" Design Bear Hug Studio (Metro station 2)
65 "Destroyman" Expressions Bear Hug Studio (Metro station 2)
66 "Destroyman's Weapon" Bear Hug Studio (Metro station 2)
67 "Destroyman's Weapon" Bear Hug Studio
68 "Holly Summers" Design Body Slam Beach
69 "Holly Summers" Expressions Body Slam Beach
70 "Holly Summers' Weapon" Body Slam Beach
71 "Letz Shake" Design Senton Splash Tunnel
72 "Letz Shake's Weapon" Senton Splash Tunnel
73 "Harvey Volodarskii" Design Bow and Arrow Station
74 "Harvey Volodarskii's Weapon" Bow and Arrow Station
75 "Speed Buster" Design Speed City
76 "Speed Buster" Expressions Speed City
77 "Speed Buster's Weapon" Speed City
78 "Speed Buster's Weapon" Speed City
79 "Speed Buster's Weapon" Speed City
80 "Speed Buster's Weapon" Speed City
81 "Bad Girl" Design Stadium Basement
82 "Bad Girl" Expressions Stadium Basement
83 "Dark Star" Design Santa Destroy Junction
84 "Dark Star" Expressions Forest of Bewilderment
85 "Dark Star's Weapon" Forest of Bewilderment
86 "Jeane" Design Forest of Bewilderment
87 "Jeane" Expressions Forest of Bewilderment
88 "Henry" Design Senton Splash Tunnel
89 "Henry" Expressions Senton Splash Tunnel
90 "Henry's Weapon" Senton Splash Tunnel
91 "Thunder Ryu" Design Within Santa Destroy
92 "Thunder Ryu" Expressions Within Santa Destroy
93 "Thunder Ryu's Weapon" Within Santa Destroy
94 "Lovikov" Design Within Santa Destroy
95 "Lovikov" Expressions Within Santa Destroy
96 "Naomi" Design Within Santa Destroy
97 "Naomi" Expressions Within Santa Destroy
98 "Travis Touchdown" Front Within Santa Destroy
99 "Travis Touchdown" Side / Back Within Santa Destroy
100 "Travis Touchdown" Expressions Within Santa Destroy
101 "Sylvia Christel" Front / Back Within Santa Destroy
102 "Sylvia Christel" Side Within Santa Destroy
103 "Sylvia Christel" Expressions Within Santa Destroy
104 "BLOOD BERRY" Within Santa Destroy
105 "TSUBAKI" Within Santa Destroy
106 "TSUBAKI Mk-II" Within Santa Destroy
107 "TSUBAKI Mk-III" Within Santa Destroy
108 "Beam Katana Accelerator" Within Santa Destroy
109 "Beam Katana Power Up Parts" Within Santa Destroy
110 "Beam Katana Energy Saving Parts" Within Santa Destroy
111 "Schpeltiger" Within Santa Destroy
112 "Schpeltiger" Back Within Santa Destroy
113 "Enemy Rider" Within Santa Destroy
114 "Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly Strawberry" Within Santa Destroy
115 "Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly Blueberry" Within Santa Destroy
116 "Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly Cranberry" Within Santa Destroy
117 Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly Within Santa Destroy
118 "Pure White Giant Glastonbury Strawberry's Unit" Within Santa Destroy
119 "Pure White Giant Glastonbury Blueberry's Unit" Within Santa Destroy
120 "Pure White Giant Glastonbury Cranberry's Unit" Within Santa Destroy
121 "Pure White Giant Glastonbury Combined Together" Within Santa Destroy
122 "Pure White Giant Glastonbury Enemy" Within Santa Destroy
123 Pure White Giant Glastonbury Within Santa Destroy
124 "Helter-Skelter" Within Santa Destroy
125 "Helter-Skelter" Expressions Within Santa Destroy
126 "Bishop Shidux and K-ENTERTAINMENT Staff" Within Santa Destroy
127 Travis Touchdown PR Illustration A Within Santa Destroy
128 Travis Touchdown PR Illustration B Within Santa Destroy
129 Travis Touchdown PR Illustration C Within Santa Destroy
130 Travis Touchdown Within Santa Destroy
131 Sylvia Christel PR Illustration A Within Santa Destroy
132 Sylvia Christel PR Illustration B Within Santa Destroy
133 Sylvia Christel Within Santa Destroy
134 Travis Touchdown and the Schpeltiger Within Santa Destroy
135 Cat Jeane Within Santa Destroy
136 Death Metal Townsend Residence
137 Dr. Peace Destroy Stadium
138 Shinobu Santa Destroy High School
139 Destroyman Bear Hug Studio
140 Holly Summers Body Slam Beach
141 Letz Shake Senton Splash Tunnel
142 Harvey Volodarksii Bow and Arrow Station
143 Speed Buster Speed City
144 Bad Girl Stadium Basement
145 Dark Star Forest of Bewilderment
146 Jeane Forest of Bewilderment
147 Henry Senton Splash Tunnel
148 Thunder Ryu Within Santa Destroy
149 Talbot & Weller Within Santa Destroy
150 Travis Touchdown & Sylvia Christel Within Santa Destroy

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