Dark Side Mode refers to the trance that can be activated by matching three slot icons at the bottom of the screen, following a successful Death Blow. There are five different trances that can be assumed, each of which depend on the three slot icons that have been matched. Dark Side Mode ends when the tiger displayed at the top of the screen reaches its goal; this time limit can also be extended by learning the Technique of God from Randall Lovikov.

Strawberry on the ShortcakeEdit

  • Comments: Travis' hair glows a bright yellow and his beam katana becomes highly charged. The background grows blurry and Travis' speed will increase exponentially. Death Blows performed while in this Dark Side Mode can be executed by swinging the Wii Remote in any direction.
  • Description: Move like lightning, instantly obliterating all in your path.
  • Slot requirement: Three Grasshoppers.

Blueberry Cheese BrownieEdit

  • Description: Move the targeting reticle with the Control Stick and fire waves of energy with the A button to annihilate foes.
  • Slot requirement: Three Bells.

Cranberry Chocolate SundaeEdit

  • Comments: The colors will drain from the screen into a classic monochrome scheme. Travis can only walk, but when faced with an enemy, will prompt the player to press the correct button. If incorrectly, Travis will only taunt the enemy, but if the correct button is pressed, Travis will do executions such as chopping off an enemy's arms, stabbing and tearing a crawling enemy in the pelvis, impaling and hoisting an enemy up on Travis' beam katana, then splitting them in two, running into a jumping backflip and slicing an enemy vertically, dashing forth and tearing into an enemy, or grabbing the enemy from behind and stabbing them in the heart.
  • Description: Brutalize surrounding enemies one by one by matching the on-screen inputs.
  • Slot requirement: Three BARs.

Anarchy in the GalaxyEdit

  • Comments: Travis will stop time and unleash a hot pink energy rain, vaporizing all enemies. Having a number of 7s stored at the end of a rankings match will give Travis a money bonus. Extremely rare.
  • Description: Pressing the - Button activates an enormous explosion, liquidating all enemies in the area. You can hold a total of three stocks.
  • Slot requirement: Three 7s.


  • Comments: As he initiates this Dark Side Mode, Travis shouts "This is the end!"
  • Description: Enemies' movement is slowed, allowing you to cleanly strike them down.
  • Slot requirement: Three Cherries.


  • The mode Strawberry On the Shortcake is reminiscent of the Super Saiyan powerup from the anime Dragon Ball Z.
  • The mode Cranberry Chocolate Sundae alludes to the infamous shower scene from the 1960 psychological horror film Psycho.
  • All the Dark Side moves (exept Cherry) are named after the Signature Move of a character from the anime Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly.

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