Thunder Ryus Weapon
Type Beam katana
Creators An "infamous Japanese hitman"
Destroyed Though never "destroyed," the D.O.S. is later redesigned as a new beam katana
Owners Thunder Ryu, later redesigned for Travis Touchdown

The D.O.S. is a fictional weapon in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. It is a beam katana constructed by an infamous Japanese hitman, and one of the more dangerous models to use. The blade of the D.O.S. activates the instant its handle is removed from its scabbard, and the beam katana features no off switch in its design. This makes the process of refitting the blade into the scabbard extremely difficult, as well as unsafe. Also, the end of the handle from which the blade projects resembles a power plug. The design of the D.O.S. itself bares a resemblance to a shirasaya, a plain Japanese blade mount.

Japanese SwordEdit

After his ranking match against Speed Buster, Travis Touchdown obtains the D.O.S., known at the time as the "Japanese Sword." The sword is taken to Dr. Naomi who reconstructs it based upon her research, to produce the completed Tsubaki model, the Tsubaki Mk-III beam katana.

In the Trading Card GameEdit

There is one trading card featuring the D.O.S. in the Design Materials set, "Thunder Ryu's Weapon".

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