Cloe Walsh
Affiliations United Assassins Association (Ranked 23rd)
Ranking match Prison Island
First appearance No More Heroes 2
Battle theme Cheap Whiskey
Voice actor Tara Strong

Cloe Walsh is the 23rd ranked assassin in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. She has the strange ability to spit acid and to create a screaming shockwave.

Travis Touchdown frees her from her shackles in an abandoned prison in the hopes that she will "put out for [her] rescuer". However, he quickly realizes she's not really his type when she lets out a feral, bloodcurdling scream of triumph upon being released. She flirts briefly with Travis before immobilizing his body and attempting to kill him by spitting acid down his throat but is stopped by Travis's beam katana activating by chance and impaling her through the stomach. Shockingly, this fails to kill or even faze her for more than a few seconds, and she enters battle with Travis moments afterward. Cloe is apparently a sadist, as is shown by her remarks that Travis's face would look much more handsome twisted in agony. She is eventually subdued and sliced to pieces by Travis.


  • She is voiced by famous child actress Tara Strong, who also voices Margaret Moonlight. Strangely, Cloe speaks in a European accent.
  • It is possible to beat Cloe in under a minute.

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