Charge Mode is the method used to recharge the beam katana's battery in No More Heroes. The Battery Meter at the right of the screen during gameplay displays the beam katana's remaining battery charge, and once depleted, the beam katana will be unusable until it has been recharged. Charge Mode is entered by pressing the 1 Button, and the actual recharging is performed by shaking the Wii Remote repeatedly in any direction. While recharging, the battery charge in the meter at the right of the screen will be shown to rise, and once fully recharged, a chime will be heard and Charge Mode will end. During Charge Mode, Travis is vulnerable to an enemy's attack.

Besides picking up a battery, Charge Mode is the only way of replenishing a beam katana's battery charge, with the exception of a Tsubaki Mk-III fitted with the third Energy Saving Part, which allows it to never have to be recharged again.


  • The manner in which Travis shakes his recharging beam katana in Charge Mode parodies masturbation.

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