Beam Katana Accelerator-0

The Accelerator is a fictional item in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. It is a sensor attachment designed for the beam katana. When attached to the grip of the beam katana, it will vibrate when buried treasure is nearby.

When in the vicinity of buried treasure, the Wii Remote will make a slight vibration. If the player progresses in the right direction towards the buried treasure's location, the Wii Remote will continue to make brief vibrations. If the player progresses in the wrong direction towards the buried treasure, the Wii Remote will no longer make these vibrations. As the player progresses closer to the buried treasure, the vibrations will intensify, and when the player is standing over, or extremely close to the treasure, the Wii Remote will make constant, intense vibrations.

In the Trading Card GameEdit

There is one trading card featuring the Accelerator in the Design Materials set, "Beam Katana Accelerator".

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