"Dr. Peace's Weapon"
Dr Peaces Weapon
Classification Weapon
Depicts Modified revolver
Location Destroy Stadium
Set Design Materials
Card no. 57

"Dr. Peace's Weapon" is the fifty-seventh trading card, and part of the Design Materials set. Only during a New Game +, it can be obtained at Destroy Stadium just prior to the ninth ranking match. It is an weapon card depicting concept art for the revolver used by the ninth ranked assassin, Dr. Peace, from early in the development of No More Heroes.


Modified revolver. Grip is made from water buffalo horn, with initials and flames engraved on it.


  • The nature of the weapon on the card's description contradicts the title on the art itself. The description of the card refers to it as a modified revolver, yet the title on the concept art itself refers to it as a magnum. However the former is generally more acceptable, since the concept art is from an early stage of the game's development and because there are several other cards where art title and card description contradict each other, despite the latter being demonstrated in the gameplay as absolutely true.